Watch Battery Replacement

Watch battery replacement by knowledgeable specialists. Prompt watch battery replacement.

The team can replace watch batteries for the vast majority of automatic watch brands.

Watch battery replacements are economical, and performed to an excellent standard.

With over 1/2 million wristwatches repaired and serviced by the team every year, your timepiece is safe in their hands.

Water resistant watches can be pressure tested and resealed to a high standard. Every watch battery replacement includes an 18 month warranty.

Watch Battery Replacement
Watch Battery Reseal

Watch Battery Reseal

The team offer a watch battery fitting and reseal service so that your watch is fully water resistant (where applicable).

Replacement Watch Batteries

Replacement Watch Batteries

The team will only acquire top quality batteries for watch battery replacement . An 18 month warranty is included for full reassurance.

Watch Batteries

Watch Batteries

The team cover many major brands of watches, conducting watch battery replacements for Armani, Tag Heuer, Omega, and Rolex.

Replace Watch Battery

Replace Watch Battery

The team are specialists in carrying out thorough services, including fitting a replacement watch battery into your automatic watch.

There is a wide choice of watch batteries on the market varying in brand, type, quality, and power.

The most common type of batteries are lithium or silver oxide based.

The watch marketplace has unfortunately been flooded with an excess of sub par batteries which are not suitable for use for watch battery replacement.

Combine these watch batteries with inferior workmanship, and the result is much disappointment for clients. Realising this scenario, the team offer one of the best quality services for watch battery replacement services.

All watch technicians are members of the BHI (British Horological Institute) and the British Watch & Clock Makers Guild, which gives you reassurance that your watch battery replacement has been performed to the best possible standard.

The service covers all the main manufacturers including Omega, Tag Heuer, Armani, Breitling, Tissot, Longines, Rotary, Seiko and Casio batteries to name but a couple of examples.

Every replacement watch battery replaced by the team includes an eighteen month warranty for complete peace of mind that your watch service has been accomplished to the best possible standard.

Watch battery replacement is offered via a convenient postal service.

Alternatively, if customers can travel they can visit 1 of 54 branches across England, Wales, and Scotland. Obtaining an estimate for a replacement watch battery couldn't be simpler with the experts.

Just fill in the website form and the team will be in contact shortly with further information.

Watch Battery Replacement Service

Watch Battery Replacement Service

The team offer watch battery replacements at a dedicated workshop.

They use reliable batteries that come with a warranty, to achieve durable results.

Every watch battery replacement is performed by the professional watch technicians using high quality batteries suitable for your watch model.

A battery replacement for your beloved timepiece doesn't have to be expensive or time consuming.

The team have been in the watch repair industry for over thirty years and their experience and customer service is of the highest possible standard.

Watch batteries replacement are done with your prior permission. Should you change your mind, your wristwatch will be sent back free for your peace of mind.

If your timepiece is water resistant, it is highly recommended that it be pressure tested and sealed as the rubber gaskets will deteriorate over time.

The team can perform this watch repair within a quick turnaround time. Simply get in touch with the watchmakers via the website. They will reply to your question via email or phone shortly in regards to watch battery replacement.

can you please give any idea of cost to repair/service a tag heuer serial number 962.006-2 not sure of the model name something 2000?. the watch stop about 6 months ago. I have hade the battery replaced but it never restarted.

i have a marc jacobs watch which has recently stopped. battery replacement hasn't solved the issue and the jewellers have quoted 60 for a watch mot which will solve the problem saying it just needs an in depth clean. I was a after a second opinion as the watch is only 12 months old and 60 seems excessive for a clean. any advise welcome. many thanks

battery change

battery replacement for a breitling b1

accurist ladies watch, battery seems to have leaked, so even with a replacement battery watch won't work

second hand moving in 2second movement. I believe this indicates a battery replacement is much is this and how much is a service. seiko kinetic 20bar circa x

i have a citizen calibre x eco drive it has stopped working I think it might need a new battery could you give me a price please

i have a ladies' tissot watch purchased in x which requires a new battery. can you open it and replace the battery without affecting the warranty and what do you charge?m

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How often should watch battery replacement be performed?

The lifespan of a watch battery will depend upon the make, model and functions.

For example a basic, brand new watch which came out of the assembly line, which just display the time, would be expected to last about 4 years.

A watch with multiple features e.g. lights, chronographs, and alarms would require a watch battery replacement more frequently.

My watch is water resistant. Should my watch be resealed after a battery replacement?

The watch repairers highly advise that your water resistant wristwatch be pressure tested and resealed.

The rubber gaskets are subject to failure over time and a watch resealing will prevent further accumulation of dust, grime, dirt and moisture.

How much does watch battery replacement cost?

It depends upon the brand and model of quartz watches but the watchmakers can offer a cost-effective quote in most cases.

All quotes for watch replacement are free, and should you alter your mind, the watch will be returned free of charge.

No work is completed without prior permission from the owner.

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