Watch Service

Inexpensive watch service . Watch service is provided by a professional team with UK coverage.

Each watch service is completed at purpose built workshop.

Make sure that your watch service is only completed by the horology professionals.

With over 500,000 watches repaired and serviced each year for UK customers, your watch is in the safest possible hands.

A watch service can cover all the popular watch manufacturers including Cartier, Citizen, Omega and Tissot, to name but a few examples.

Watch Service
Watch Servicing

Watch Servicing

Watch servicing from the team covers quartz (battery powered) and mechanical (spring powered) watch models.

Watch Cleaning Service

Watch Cleaning Service

Make sure your wristwatch is in great condition by having the case and bracelet ultrasonically cleaned as part of a watch service.

Watch Service UK

Watch Service UK

Watch service across the UK cover all the popular automatic, mechanical and quartz watches for men and ladies at a competitive price.

Watch Servicing

Watch Servicing

The watchmakers providing watch servicing have over 30 years worth of industry experience.

To make sure both quartz and mechanical watches are kept in working condition, it is advised that watch servicing is conducted on a regular basis.

Regular watch servicing ensures timekeeping is correct, and allows for replacement of worn or damaged parts.

The watch servicing process is as follows: Your watch will initially be thoroughly checked for any faults or damaged parts.

The team use specialist tools and techniques during each inspection, to ensure all ladies and gents wristwatches are repaired to a high standard. Once your watch has been inspected and tested for damage or faults, it will be skilfully taken apart and stripped down.

The watch parts, case and bracelet will then be ultrasonically cleaned for dirt, grime or dust. This watch cleaning technique is reliable and thorough.

During watch servicing, any broken parts can be replaced, such as the watch crown, glass, winder/stem, or battery. No watch servicing is completed without prior permission from the watch owner. Once any replacement parts have been professionally fitted, the parts will be reassembled and lubricated where appropriate.

The timing of your watch will then be regulated using professional equipment, before it is resealed and made water resistant where applicable.

After your watch has been re-assembled and re-sealed, it will be checked over a period of time, to guarantee the timekeeping is accurate. It will then be returned to you, working to a manufacturer standard.

The team offer watch servicing via Royal Mail Special Delivery to a central workshop. Alternatively customers can visit 1 of 54 branches in England, Wales and Scotland.

Watch Services

Watch Services

Watch services can help prevent watch damage, which can result in a costly watch repair.

As members of the BHI (British Horological Institute) and British Watch And Clockmakers Guild, the team are more than willing to assist.

All watch servicing is carried out by watch repairers using high quality tools and parts needed for a efficient watch service.

No watch service is completed without prior permission from you. Should you change your mind, the watch is sent back free of charge.

Whenever you require minor cleaning of your watch bracelet and case or a full service of your wristwatch, the professional watch repairers aim to offer assistance where possible.

For extra peace of mind, each watch service includes warranty.

To make an enquiry in regards to watch services please utilise the enquiry form provided with your contact information and a quick description of the watch service needed.

Once you have finished your enquiry, a member of the friendly customer service team will be in contact to go over your specific needs, and to organise your watch service at a time convenient for you.

probablylneeds a service and possibly a cog wheel?

i would like my oris watch serviced byqualified oris watch people. where is your nearest shop to aylesbury or oxford please ?

service and repair a x vintage omega seamaster, paying attension to the self wind as it tending not to fully wind

i have a vostok junior cadet mechanical wristwatch. upon winding it, it unwound itself suddenly and now makes an additional clinking noise. I would like to have the watch serviced/repaired, please.

i have 2 tag watches.. just wanted to get them serviced/fixed if possible

hi, I have a omega dynamic automatic which works ok untill it stops then takes a day or so to get going again. would a service help and what would it cost. thanks, bryan

service cost for an omega dynamic automatic

how much would it cost to service a breitling mans watch, it doesn't keep accurate time as it has not been worn consistently.

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How frequently should watch servicing be undertaken?

Since a watch is a high precision instrument, watch movements should be serviced on a regular basis.

Unfortunately it is tricky to specify exact watch service intervals as it is varies by brand, model and the movement used in the watch, climate conditions (arid or humid environments) and the level of care exercised by the owner.

As a rough guide a watch service should be carried out every 5 years.

Does my watch service include a warranty?

Yes, all watch servicing includes a warranty for extra peace of mind that the work has been completed to a very high standard.

What is the time frame for watch servicing ?

The time taken to complete a watch service is dependent upon the brand, model, condition of the watch and the supply of replacement watch parts.

Estimates can be given upon your initial enquiry with the team. They never compromise on quality or make short-cuts.

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